Personal Obligation

There are only 24 hours in a day. The obligations of work, managing a household and children activities significantly limit the amount of time that can be spent caring for an elderly parent.

Personal Limitation

Caring for elderly requires the nursing skills, a safe and competent personal care, great passion and energy. Are you competent as a full-time caregiver? Thinking of the well-being for elderly, I should find a nursing home for my parents!

Nursing Home For You

The good life begins by choosing Agape Senior Home that is best suited for your parents. Our qualified Healthcare Assistant and friendly caregiver will assist the elderly to manage their daily activities, medication management and transportation to the clinic.

Common services

  1. Taking a bath and helping them to dresses up
  2. Very personal care services and deal with incontinence
  3. Meal preparation and dietitian services, 3 meals & 2 tea break daily
  4. Laundry services
  5. Medications management and Transportation to clinic

Our qualified Healthcare Assistant and dedicated caregiver are there to provide the excellent services and competent elder care for elderly. They are well trained and understand their roles and functions as a caregiver in the Nursing Home.

Affable Services

– Bathing
– Dressing
Meal preparation
Medication reminders
Basic Physiotherapy excises
– Transportation
– Entertainment


– Living hall 1
– Living hall 2
Dining hall
Recreation hall 1
Recreation hall 2
Tea break area
– Air-conditioned room
– hyppTV & ASTRO

Give us a call. We are happy to explain to you about the services will be provided by our caregiver. At the same time, you can brief us more details regarding your elderly health information.